Privacy policy

Bachaocash is operated by Visual Softsolutions Pvt Ltd.

BachaoCash is here also referred as "site", "website", "our website".


Information storage

We keep a record of the details shared by you during registration, or during subscription. We only record your name and email id into our database and never share it with any third party without your permission. We may sometimes request you for more information so as to serve you in a better way. THis data too is saved confidentially without any disclosure to third party, unless it is as per the interest of legislation.


Third party usage

We partner with the third parties for offering promotions on internet. These third parties may record your visit information to their/our site and may record your product/ service visit. This may be used to suggest better product/service to you. The pixel tag technique is used for recording such information as per the industry standards followed by major sites. However, the third party is obliged not to share/sell your personal information. For an example, Google may record your cookies to suggest you advertisements as per your interest.


Email usage

We occasionally send emails to our members in order to keep them updated with the latest offers. These include, but are not limited to the transaction tracking, confirmed transaction tracking, earnings, referral earnings, offers and discounts, and your activities related to the site. The emails are intended for you only, and are not shared with others.


We may send you weekly newsletters mentioning about the offers and suggestions to you. We adhere to our terms and conditions and do not spam. If you wish to share spamming issue with us, feel free to contact us through email. If you wish not to receive the newsletter further, you may request for the same.


Cookies Policy

Cookies: During website browsing, the information is stored into your computer system. The browser records this information and sends back the information as and when the browser is used to open the website. The cookies usually constitute of the domain name, value of cookie and its life. Cookies can be either Persistent in which the cookies are stored on your system for long time, while session cookies are cleared as and when you close the browser. The purpose of cookies to help enable you offering the websites of your interest, and is used by most of the reputed sites.


How cookies are used by our website?

Persistent cookies: If you select "Remember me" option, we store the cookies to show your name and account details for each time when you visit our site. So, you do not need to login each time you visit our site. We may also use persistent cookies to check for the unique visitors to our site and to help us enable offering you the right mix of promotions as per your interest.


Session cookies: These are recorded to help enable you not to input the same information again and again on the site. This can also be used to compile the browsing of users to help improve our website for your usage.


The information is recorded as per our Privacy Policy.


The persistent cookies are put on your system so as to enable us track your transaction with our partner retailers. This enables us offer you the cashback/ rewards.


Note: If you have disabled cookies, it would hinder us from tracking your purchases and as a result you would not get any cashback/reward.


The cookies can be managed differently for each of the browser. We recommend you to enable cookies so as to make it possible for the system to track your transaction so that you can get the cashback.


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